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Welcome to Sino European Arts

Sino European Arts is a London- and Hong Kong-based art consultancy and exhibition service, specialising in contemporary Chinese art and photography.

As one of the UK’s leading promoters of Chinese contemporary art, we are dedicated to encouraging the mutual appreciation of the two artistic traditions: East and West.

We offer knowledgeable advice based on our in-depth research and analysis of the international market for Chinese art. Working closely with both artists and clients, we are able to advise on artist representation, organising and marketing exhibitions and building a collection to suit any budget.

We also offer a complete range of art consulting services for designers, architects and developers wishing to purchase or commission Chinese artworks for interior or exterior installation.

Our established relationships with Chinese artists and studios allow us to source works by leading and emerging artists to suit every budget.

歐藝術中心是一家位于伦敦中心的艺术咨询与展览服务机构,我们有专业的艺术咨询顾问团队, 为此, 我们提供艺术咨询,艺术展览,艺术推广与艺术作品代理服务。



Suzanna Mu

Ms Suzanna Mu is the Managing Director of Sino-European Arts and Executive Chairman of the London Committee of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy World Tour. She is passionate about effective engagement in art and has wide experience of managing the development of artists.

She has an MBA in Marketing Management and qualified in curating and exhibition management at City, University of London.

She has worked as a curator and art consultant in Hong Kong and elsewhere in China for a government international trade corporation. She is a member of the Institute of Directors.

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