Zhang Jianchao

Zhang Jianchao

Zhang Jianchao was born in 1980 in Tancheng, Shangdong Province. Currently a professional painter and member of the China Hue Art Association.

The once fertile farmland has now degraded into a deserted rocky slope. This small piece of arable land needs to be taken special care of by heavy valance or it too will sink into the sand. It is the pure land to which we attach our last hope. Based on the techniques of traditional Chinese fine brushwork, the painter emphasizes the expression of ink dots and employs the unification of somber yellow hues to create a sense of desolation. This small scene the painter focuses on serves as a clue to the degradation of the natural environment, which is consistently endangered by human carelessness. The painter seeks to invoke people’s awareness in his painting

Pure Land

Chinese painting / 225cm×120cm / 2009

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