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Welcome to Sino European Arts

Sino European Arts is a London- and Hong Kong-based art consultancy and exhibition service, specialising in contemporary Chinese art and photography.

As one of the UK’s leading promoters of Chinese contemporary art, we are dedicated to encouraging the mutual appreciation of the two artistic traditions: East and West.

We offer knowledgeable advice based on our in-depth research and analysis of the international market for Chinese art. Working closely with both artists and clients, we are able to advise on artist representation, organising and marketing exhibitions and building a collection to suit any budget.

We also offer a complete range of art consulting services for designers, architects and developers wishing to purchase or commission Chinese artworks for interior or exterior installation.

Our established relationships with Chinese artists and studios allow us to source works by leading and emerging artists to suit every budget.


英国華歐藝術文化中心是一家位于伦敦市中心的艺术展览策划和咨询的机构,主要从事于艺术策划和展览等相关工作。 我们有专业的艺术咨询顾问团队,并提供艺术展览相关的咨询,艺术教育, 艺术作品推广与出版等工作。同时, 我们致力于打造东西方当代艺术交流的平台,促进东西方艺术文化传统的相互欣赏与相互交融。


華歐藝術文化中心与英国董事局,皇家攝影协会,  四十八家集团, 大英博物馆, 皇家艺术学院, 以及艺术评论家,收藏家等建立了长期友好的合作关系

特别是20178, 在中英两国建交45周年之际,  英国華歐藝術文化中心在英国伦敦为主办方中国美术家协会成功地承办了<<首届北京国际美术双年展的英国巡展>>名为艺术与和平——中国当代美术作品展”, 此展于当地引起强烈反响, 中外多家新闻媒体在开幕式翌日对展览进行了报道,其中有媒体赞扬艺术与和平——中国当代美术作品展不仅展示了中国当代的艺术瑰宝,还翻开了中英艺术文化领域的新篇章, 被誉为伦敦三十年来见过的最好的中国美术展  


目前,華歐藝術文化中心正积极筹备《中国摄影艺术年鉴》(欧洲卷)的出版工作, 该书将全面概述中国当代摄影的发展并且包含中西方当代具有代表性的摄影大师的作品进行深入探讨与交流。

Suzanna Mu


Suzanna Mu is a Chinese-British Art Curator, and in August 2017 organised “Art & Peace – An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art” at the Mall Gallery in London in an attractive and successful exhibition, part of the China Arts World Tour, and hosted by the China Artists Association. The exhibition celebrated the 45th anniversary of ambassador-level diplomatic relations between China and the United Kingdom. The tour aimed to promote and strengthen mutual understanding and cultural exchange between The China Artists Association and fine art communities around the world.

The China Arts World Tour and The Beijing International Art Biennale are both brands of The China Artists Association. These events promote Chinese art around the world.

Suzanna Mu, the Chief Curator of the British Special Exhibition of the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) 2019, is appointed by the China Artists Association. She is responsible for coordinating the invitation of artists, and for raising funds for the transportation and insurance of the pieces in order to popularise British artworks.

Suzanna has an MBA in Marketing Management and qualified in curating and exhibition management at City University, London. She has worked in this city as a curator and art consultant. She has become an influential curator in the Chinese and UK art scenes.

Suzanna is the Managing Director of Sino-European Arts and Chairman of the London Committee of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy World Tour. She is passionate about effective engagement in art and has wide experience of managing the development of artists. She has worked as a curator and art consultant in London and in China for an international government trade corporation

She has been engaged in cultural and art work for more than ten years, and established the London Committee of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy World Tour during the Sino-British Friendship Culture Year (2015).

She has worked for many years in the British-Chinese community. and participated in the China Innovation Association held in Shanghai by the State Administration of Overseas Chinese Affairs. Since 2006 she has often travelled to and from China (in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou) and in European countries, planning and participating in international Chinese painting and calligraphy festivals, exhibitions and other events.

Suzanna Mu is a member of the Institute of Directors.

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