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Start: 12pm – 5pm on 11 March 2024

Close: 10am – 5pm on 16 March 2024

Free admission for visitors

Key information: 300 Days of Pandemic Travel by Yu Lap Tang (Photographer)

Main Contacts: Suzanna Mu | 07711 896858


About the exhibition

The pandemic stranded Tang Yu Lap, a photo artist from Hong Kong, in Europe in 2020, preventing him from returning home. He spent 300 days travelling around Europe with his camera and taking stunning pictures of how the virus silenced historical sites and tourist destinations. These images will forever capture this unique moment in time.
Over 300 days of wandering across Europe, Mr. Tang and his camera witnessed how the virus silently transformed the historic sites from a riot of sound into solitude, leaving only sparsely-visited scenic spots and hurried passers-by. But there is more to come out of the lens, such as the vast expanses of land glowing with hope, the magnificent Gothic architecture, the glittering snow-capped mountains, water towns, famous summits and metropolises. All seem to say to us: Hope is everywhere, and the dawn is coming.

Total works: 80 pcs

Private View: 6pm – 8pm on Monday 11 March 2024

A Yearbook containing some of Yu Lap Tang’s earlier work alongside that of other photographers will be available for sale at the Exhibition or online.


The “300 Days of Pandemic Travel” Photography Exhibition ( Opening Ceremony was held at Mall Galleries on Monday, 11th March. It was truly a very special evening that collected together VIP Guests of Honour from all walks of life, including:
• Mr. Mark Logan, MP for Bolton North East;
• Mr. Robert Eagleton, the Councillor of Pimlico South;
• Mr. David Penney, Co-founder and Senior Partner, Strategy Innovations Ltd;
• Mr. Nicholas Littlewood, CEO, EB Teddington Ltd;
• Professor Roseita Royce. President of the British Film Festival;
• Mr. Alireza Yaghmaei, CEO, Global Trading Agency;
• Mr. John Cameron, world famous Composer, Judge of Oscar music;
• Mrs. Cynthia Li, Representative Asia Pacific Philately, Liechtenstein;
• Mr. Wenjian Fang, General Manager of Bank of China, London Branch;
• Dame Dr Elizabeth Negus, President of National Liberal Club FRSA;
• David Reed, Chairman, Hampstead Photographic Society.

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