Benefits of Sponsoring


  1. We will promote your business in a variety of ways, including placing your business logo in the “ European – Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook”

  2. We invite you to be our guest to attend the publication ceremony of the first volume and related activities.

  3. Complimentary “European – Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook

  4. Sponsors will be invited to speak at the book launch.

  5. Awarded to the sponsor “European – Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook”” an honorary certificate.

  6.  At the book publishing ceremony, the host will thank the sponsors on the spot and include their names in many mainstream media reports.

  7. The launch ceremony will include  cultural envoys from China and European countries, industry professionals and cultural celebrities.



For further information , please contact  us at :

The European – Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook Editorial Board in the UK  

+44 (0) 771 1896 8568


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