chasing the unseen.

Mr.Zhao Yizhou, deeply influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies, was appraised by the British Museum as “the most outstanding contemporary calligrapher in Great Britain”, and was called “the leader of contemporary Chinese calligraphy” by the British “The Times”.

His calligraphy works look both in calligraphy and landscape paintings. Amazing textures  and colour pigments are integrated into each character. 

 The texture  and color pigments of traditional calligraphy, strengthens the artist’s emotional expression, and visually elevates the two-dimensional plane, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years, 

He created a three-dimensional sculptural feeling of calligraphy.  Although there are colors, the colors are not obscene, and they are beautiful but not flamboyant. Branches but not vines, gentle.

The work of Zen ink is shrouded in a slightly drunken haze – the ink is mixed with Bordeaux red wine, Scotch whisky, and occasionally with the breath of Kweichow Moutai. The work is impressive, touchable, and smellable…

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