European – Chinese Photographic Arts Yearbook 

Enjoy a distinctive insight on contemporary Europe through the lens of these distinguished photographers

Both sets of eyes – European and Chinese European – Chinese Photographic Arts Yearbook is a new and unique publication that will offer a comprehensive overview of current developments in Chinese photography by Chinese photographers and artists living and working in Europe, the book will create a dialogue with the European photographers and artists being seen in China.

This is the first of a projected series, and published for the first time in London, this large format book covers both China and the UK.

China Photo Almanac was founded by the Ministry of Culture of China. It has been published annually in Beijing for eleven years since 2006, and selected by the China Press and Publication Administration as a book for distribution at international book fairs. It has been officially recognised by the Chinese government, and by the Chinese photographic art community and publishing industry.

The Editorial Committee of European – Chinese Photographic Arts Yearbook.

Gao Zhanxiang (President of the Chinese Culture Promotion Association, Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture)

Gao Jiansheng (Chief Editor: Researcher, China Academy of Art; Chairman of Beijing Photographic Art Association)

The European Edition is being launched in London, in order to more fully document the state of Chinese photographic art and to promote the exchange of ideas between China and Europe.

Sino European Art UK as the European editorial board is authorised by the Committee of China Photo Almanac in 2018. The European editorial board is responsible for collecting outstanding works from Europe regions, editing, designing, printing and issuing of the European Edition. All work, as an official publication, the application of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in cooperation with local publishing agencies in United Kingdom. It must abide by Chinese and local laws and regulations, and not include works that violate the political, social, religious and ethnic policies of China and the United Kingdom.


Each year, China is rapidly establishing itself as the world’s second great economic superpower and its influence can be seen right across the continent of Europe from industrial, commercial and cultural sections to the rapid growth in Chinese citizens visiting Europe, and studying and working across Europe. In turn, China has emerged as a major export market for goods produced in Europe, spanning everything from cars to haute couture. China has never been so important for Europeans.

European – Chinese Photographic Arts Yearbook helps to forge a new understanding in Sino-European relations, thereby enhancing international friendship with positive spin offs for cultural industries and manufacturers of specialised cameras, photographic and editing equipment.

The rise of China is one of the major global changes impacting on today’s world, yet many people in Europe, including in the UK, remain unaware of China’s contribution to cultural and artistic advances. This book, drawing together the work of leading photographers and artists, helps to address this deficiency.

European – Chinese Photographic Arts Yearbook will be collected by the British Library and university libraries.

The target readers are photographic and art collectors, photographers, business investors and the all arts lovers in the world. It will attract an enormous audience in the world. We would be grateful if you could join us at this historic moment as Partners and Sponsors of this limited first edition of China Photo Almanac – European Edition. It is the only such publication to document the state of contemporary Chinese photography by the Chinese diaspora in Europe, and of European photographers being seen in China. If you become a Partner or Sponsor, we will include your greeting message and company logo at the beginning of the book, at cost a slightly. This would be effective advertising for you, and the opportunity to associate your name, or that of your company, with this interesting and ground-breaking initiative.

We will give the honour certification to the all partner and sponsor and to invite them join our book launch ceremony.


European- Chinese  Photographic Arts Yearbook Call for Entries

With this we call for artists  working in any field to submit works that in some way feature or …. Photographers from all over the globe are welcome to participate:  including scenery, wildlife, news, documentary, portraits, advertisements, digital creativity, etc. For each picture or group of pictures, please attach the author and the name of the work and a description of the work, indicating the time of shooting. , location, creative intent, and picture story (you can also just write a title).

 Please specify the name, gender,  address, mobile phone number, email address and your photography background.

Manuscript requirements: Only electronic manuscripts are accepted. Electronic file size: (JPG format is not less than 3MB, no RAW file), electronic files can be sent to the email address of the editorial department Email:

Submission: Free submission

The selected works are classified according to the content of the submitted works selected. The final selected photographs will be chosen by the editorial board. All the submitted works that have been  selected will be awarded the “Chinese Photography Art Yearbook” certificate to show that you have recorded the history, which is a rare memorial in the long history of human history. Compiled works and have the opportunity to be selected for future yearbook works.

Deadline: 31 January , 2021


Disclaimer: All the works in this Almanac are electronically manuscripts, no retraction, no remuneration. The legal responsibility for the work of portrait, copyright, etc. is the responsibility of the author. The work must be owned by the author himself, must abide laws and regulations, and not include works that violate the political, social, religious, and ethnic policies of China and Europe. The editorial board has the right to participate in the work in this year. For use in publicity, all participants are deemed to agree to the requirements of this letter. 

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Ms. Suzanna Mu

Chief Editor

European- Chinese  Photo Almanac  Editorial Board UK

Tel : +44 (0)7711 896 858


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