Zhang Jianchao

Zhao Yi Zhou

 Zhao Yizhou ’s   Chinese Calligraphy is a Graphic art.  Same meaning of Printing. even mother of the Painting.  It’s high techniquee of painting.

He embraces the long tradition of Chinese Calligraphy while usinf an alchemic ink of his own invention to add new textures , here he mixes image  -texts relating to philosophy  spirituality and Literature.

Zhao Yizhou is widely regarded as the finest contemporary Chinese calligrapher in the UK. His compositions are informed by philosophical, aesthetic and historical inquiry and explore both traditional and contemporary innovations to uncover the principles of Chinese Shufa. Yizhou teaches calligraphy at SOAS and the British Museum, London.

Pure Land


Chinese Calligraphy  Size : 42.o x 60cm

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