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We are sad to have to announce that our good friend and excellent artist, Yizhou Zhou, who we have represented for the last 8 years passed away due to illness on 27th July 2023.

Described by Sir Grayson Perry as Britain’s leading contemporary Chinese calligrapher, Zhao Yizhou was born on February 16, 1959. His ancestral home is Lu An, Anhui but he lived in London for the last 25 years.The Memorial Service was held at 1:30pm, 12th August 2023, at  Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS University of London 

Address:  10 Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

The British Museum described him as the best contemporary Chinese calligrapher in Great Britain. His work incorporates wine and colour into calligraphy elements, creating drunken ink and Zen ink works, which gives the thousand-year-old flat calligraphy a background, texture and three-dimensional sculpture.

His memory will certainly live on in his work; a few of my favourites I show here. 

Abstract Painting see here


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 Zhao Yi Zhou

Zhao Yi Zhou’s  Chinese calligraphy is a graphic art. It is a high technique of painting which combines the features of both printing and painting. He embraces the long tradition of Chinese calligraphy while using an alchemic ink of his own invention to add new textures, here he mixes images and texts relating to philosophy, spirituality and literature.




Zhao Yi Zhou is widely regarded as the finest contemporary Chinese calligrapher in the UK. His compositions are informed by philosophical, aesthetic and historical inquiry and explore both traditional and contemporary innovations to uncover the principles of Chinese Shufa. Yi Zhou teaches calligraphy at SOAS and the British Museum, London.



Pure Land

Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy  Size : 42 cm x 60cm

Mr.Zhao Yizhou, deeply influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies, was appraised by the British Museum as “the most outstanding contemporary calligrapher in Great Britain”, and was called “the leader of contemporary Chinese calligraphy” by the British “The Times”

The ink is mixed with Bordeaux red wine, Scotch whisky, and occasionally with the breath of Kweichow Moutai. The work is impressive, touchable, and smellable. It is the perfect visual art to complement one’s home.

You can now buy any of Zhao Yizhou’s artworks through the new Sino European Arts Shop in partnership with Saatchi Arts.

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