A Ge

A Ge

A Ge, female, born in 1948 in Liangshan, Sichuan province. Currently chairwoman of the Sichuan Artists Association; deputy director of China Artists Association’s Print Artistic Committee; and member of the China Artists Association council.

The artist was born in Daliang Mountains in Sichuan, and cherished a profound memory of the flying long dress of ethnic Yi  girls. This painting is a real portrait of Yi girls and a sincere eulogization to them. The painter applies innovative techniques to wood block printing creation and deconstructs the running figure. The application of decorative patterns and color blocks of Yi girls to the art creation and the smooth lines between  sections make the painting both grand and refined, rich in dynamism and charm. It echoes with the features of abstractionism.


watermark xylograph / 130cm×90cm / 2004

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