Liu Dawei


Feng Shuo, born in 1982 in Huanghua, Hebei province. Currently professional painter; member of the China Art Institute of Chinese Gong Bi Zhong Cai (hue art) Painting; and member of the Hebei Artists Association.

The inspiration for this painting came to the artist after a leisure walk in a winter field: melting snow banks in hues of pale gray nurturing the soil and claiming the last of winter as they announce the coming of spring. A few withered sunflowers, having resisted the cold and frost of the season past, straighten their weak branches optimistically. This work combines Chinese painting, Tempera and Japanese rock painting techniques. In terms of form, the artist strives to innovate, yet abides by traditional creative concepts, allowing scenery to inspire art, and art to be conveyed by scenery. This work is a representation of the artist’s intense praise of human nature and life.

Spring Comes after Winter

Chinese painting / 178cm×153cm / 2007

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