Gao Jiaming

Gao Jiaming

Gao Jiaming was born in 1979 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Currently a professor at the School of Arts and Design of Tianjin Normal University and member of the China Artists Association.

The inspiration for the painting came to the artist after a visit to a recycling plant where the waste of different materials was being constantly re-matched in compression and transformation. The interrelations and estrangement within them features stylistic beauty that is highly symbolical in its form. The painting expresses the sharp contrast between the colorful paint and timeworn rust in a realistic way as well as with the special line composition created by intertwined iron wires. In addition to the bright colors commonly seen in watercolors, the painting possesses a solid effect.

Recycle Plant

watercolor / 103cm×66cm×3 / 2007

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