Jiang Yiqin

Jiang Yiqin

Jiang Yiqin was born in Guangdong Province in 1954. He had moved to the United States and still lives there and is currently a professional painter.

The greyish blue silky surface of the water provides a scene for the white egrets in which they peck their preys in the gaps between the moss-covered rocks, heaping up by the bank of the lake. The accumulative way of painting, invented by the artist himself, allows him to capture the lean look of the rocks in his multiple layers of coloring. Vitality is blossoming along the tranquil lake. The nuances in lighting vary according to changes in color. Audiences are immediately drawn to this painting as if a chilly moist wind is blowing out from it.

Lakeside Series No. 6

watercolor / 85cm×180cm / 2004

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