Kong Xiaofeng was born in Qufu, Shandong Province in 1975. Currently associate professor at the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University; researcher at the Federation of Literary and Arts Circles of Jiangsu Province; and member of the
China Artists Association.

Willow leaves and waning lotus scattered and drifting about on the surface of the pond in late autumn, the artist employs this image as the subject matter. In the full-coverage composition of this four-panel painting, the artist depicts, in hazy colors and gentle brushstrokes, the four stages of the life of a willow leaf from falling onto the surface of the water to rotting underwater. In addition to expressing a visionary world of zen, the artist explores the possibility of Western Impressionistic aesthetics with traditional Chinese painting materials. The unadorned elegance of the painting also indicates the humanitarian conception of Unity of Heaven and Man, which is the essence of the work.

Impression, Willow Leaves, Lotus, Zen

Chinese painting / 230cm×110cm / 2004

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