Li Lihong

Li Lihong

Li Lihong was born in 1974 in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. He is now a teacher at the School of Fine Arts of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.

In the language of Pop Art, the artist paints traditional auspicious designs on a world famous trademark, which is made of china, one of the most characteristic Chinese materials. This creates a sense of dislocation. The artist expresses his critical thinking regarding the contradictory relationship between localization and economic globalization. In the wave of globalization, the idiosyncrasies of local cultures are becoming increasingly acute. After the arrival of modernism, created by conflict and reconciliation, modernism and post modernism have now become ways to express a traditional ego.

Mcdonald’s – China

pottery / 40cm×36cm×13cm / 2004

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