Li Xiaobing

Li Xiaobing

Li Xiaobing was born in 1969 in Wenshan, Yunnan Province. Currently professor at the School of Fine Arts at Yuxi Normal University in Yunnan Province, member of the China Sculpture Institute; and member of the China Artists Association.

Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, established the Theory of Relativity. To portray this titan of scientific history, the artist cuts and stacks various section lines, which are inspired by mighty mountains and rocks which have been severely eroded by desert storms. Transfiguration is achieved through extensions and compressions so that the onlookers become amazed by the different views from a single move in the steps. Gaining different visual experience, or a relative experience, with reference to different perspectives is a salutary gesture towards Einstein’s immense scientific achievements.


wood / 120cm×120cm×60cm / 2007

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