Li Xuanfeng

Li Xuanfeng

Li Xuanfeng was born in 1974 in Huinan County, Jilin Province. Currently associate professor and deputy director of the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts Academy of Northeast Normal University, deputy director of Young Sculptor Art Center at School of Sculpture of the Chinese National Academy of Arts; and member of the China Artists Association.

By employing symbolic, expressionistic and exaggerating techniques, the artist captures the romantic ambience of our ancestors dancing harmoniously in the sun. In the unification of natural beauty and strength, the sculpture aims at acclaiming the vitality of life via the portrayal of human figures. It also aims to stir nostalgia towards innocence and purity among the people of contemporary society. The range of earthy colors features immediacy, approachability and a sense of raw freedom.

Dance of Harmony

colophony / 150cm×80cm×30cm / 2007

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