Liu Xiuming

Liu Xiuming

Liu Xiuming, a female artist, was born in 1957 in Qinhuangdao , Hebei Province. had moved to Austria and still lives there. Currently a professional painter and the president of the Austria-China Art Exchange Association.

The painting reproduces the emotional turmoil caused by natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. In the oppressing gloominess of the sky, there lies on the boundless earth a huge crack, like scars being painstakingly exposed. It speaks in silence the trauma the earth has undergone. A green lifeline is trying its best to fix this unbearable wound. The artist employs a surreal approach to redefine the relations humans have with nature and seeks to unveil the value and meaning of living from an individual’s perspective.

The Wounded

Oil painting / 115cm×145cm / 2004

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