Lu Zengkang

Lu Zengkang

Lu Zengkang, born in 1968 in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Currently vice-dean of the Guangzhou Sculpture Academy; and member of the Guangdong Artists Association.

This work is a sculpture of a woman in the state of weightlessness and roaming. It is a manifestation of the excitement, anxiety, turbulance and dizziness brought up by sleepless nerves. Through a twisted body language, the work presents an anxious and stirring inner world, as a metaphor to the spiritual disturbance that people experience in modern society due to ecological unbalance and heavy living and working pressures. Using realistic sculpture as a language and ̧floating1 as a visual symbol, the artist is implying that society is being thrown in the air.


bronze / 37cm×52cm×25cm / 2006

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