Luo Zhinan

Luo Zhinan

Luo Zhinan, born in 1955 in Hubei province. Educated by the Hubei Radio & TV University, with works displayed at the 4th Beijing International Art Biennale.

On a black background, the luxuriant foliage of a tree seemingly made of glittering gold dazzles the eyes. A closer perspective brings guilt into the hearts of onlookers as they realize that this huge tree, which stands alone on the dried and cracked earth, is the result of the piecing together of countless pairs of disposable chopsticks. Our so-called industrial civilization is continuously damaging the environment on which our survival relies, and our surroundings are being devoured by humanity’s growing desire to consume. The artist employs a quasi-absurd expression technique to issue a satirical and critical warning in his shocking work.

Tree of Chopsticks

Oil painting / 120cm×100cm / 2009

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