Wang Fushun

Wang Fushun

Wang Fushun, born in 1977 in Liaoyang, Liaoning province. Currently chairman of the Artists Association of Baita District, Liaoyang; and member of the China Artists Association.

As urbanization grows at an accelerated speed today, the old factories, heavy machinery, and a smokestack of the industrial age have abandoned their historic mission. Against the setting sun and the bloodied sky, these frequently-seen views of the past are going to disappear from the city, for which a sentiment of tragedy and eternality arises from the painter’s heart. By recording this last moment of the vanishing objects, the painting implies a possibility that our destiny is also faced with collision and choice, as well as the birth of new lives and the arrival of new hopes.

A Vanishing Scene

Oil painting / 180cm×180cm / 2006

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