Wu Tuanliang


Wu Tuanliang was born in 1952 in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. Currently chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Artists Association; a member of the China Artists Association Chinese Painting Artistic Committee; and member of the China Artists Association council.

The Tajik nationalities are nomads who have inhibited the grasslands of northern China for generations. They are excellent riders and horse racing has naturally become a popular sport honored by the Tajiks. The exquisitely painted colors are achieved in a Mogu style [ink paintings without outlines], while the extending fine lines are desired to create the scene of riders indulging themselves in the tension of the competition. In a grandeur yet graceful grassland setting, this stunning painting brings together the dynamic aesthetics of the horses, the unrestrained forcefulness of life and the determined, intrepid personalities of the Tajik people.

Horse Racing

Chinese painting / 178cm×96cm / 2016

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