Wu Weishan

Wu Weishan

Wu Weishan was born in 1962 in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province. Currently curator of the National Art Museum of China; vice-chairman of the China Artists Association; and member of the China Artists Association council.

Laozi (6th century BC) is an ancient Chinese philosopher whose teachings and theories deeply influenced the course of Chinese philosophy. To deliver the gracefulness of the sage, the artist brings traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting into his work. The Dao De Jing inscribed in Small Seal Script, an archaic form of Chinese calligraphy, in the hollow middle part signifies his scholastic achievements, while the shape of the figure, which resembles that of a cave, indicates his modesty and inclusiveness. It is a vivid depiction of Laozi’s idea that material things emerge from emptiness, which gives the sculpture its visual and cultural shock factor.

Unity of Heaven and Man—Laozi

Bronze / 60cm×90cm×52cm / 2012

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