Xu Bin


Xu Bin, born in 1963 in Hai’an, Jiangsu province. Currently associate professor at the Art and Design College of Yangzhou University; member of the Jiangsu Artists Association Mural Painting Artistic Committee; and member of the China Artists Association.

Through the language of fine brushwork and modern composition form, the work reveals the living status of butterflies. As industrialization endangers the nature and worsens living environments, butterflies have nowhere to live but in an artificial space with the original ecological environment vanishing. The tranquility and loneliness implied in the painting echoes with the puzzlement and desolation of the current times. The painting can be seen as a metaphor, where butterflies manifest beauty and fragility in the coop and net, and inject the painting with subjective personality and vitality.

Habitat 1

Chinese painting / 180cm×90cm / 2008

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