Xu Jiang

Xu Jiang

Xu Jiang was born in1955 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Currently president and professor of the China Academy of Art, vice president of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles; and vice president of the China Artists Association.

Reed, probably one of the most commonly seen plants, has been the subject matter of literary chanting for thousands of years. Here, in the matrix, one painting next to another, one shadow overlapping another, the reeds sway with their enduring vitality in the bleakness of autumn from dusk to dawn. The wintry desolation is relieved by the tenderness of the flowing water. Scene over scene, wind against wind, the nuances in brushstrokes depicts in precision the sorrow of reed in autumn, touching the soft spot in the audience.

A Gaze in the Reeds

watercolor / 45cm×60cm×9 / 2005

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