Xu Li

Xu Li

Xu Li was born in 1961 in Jianyang, Fujian Province. Currently standing vice chairman of the China Artists Association; deputy director of the Organizing Committee for the Fine Arts on Subjects of Chinese Civilization and History Creative Project; and member of the China Artists Association council.

The artist borrows the materials and expressionistic features of western oil painting to deliver imagery aesthetics, which is the core of local culture. Oil painting now blends with the landscape genre as well as the freehand brushstrokes of traditional Chinese painting, creating a scholarly sophistication uniquely Chinese. By breaking the boundaries between east and west, the ancient and the contemporary, the painting leads to a new road for Chinese oil painting. Implicit in style yet profound in meaning, the painting is titled Homeland, which, on the other hand, reveals the motif of exploring a common spiritual homeland for all Chinese art.


Oil painting / 90cm×120cm / 2013

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