Yin Huili


Yin Huili was born in 1962 in Hegang, Helongjiang Province. Currently dean, professor and doctorial tutor of the School of Fine Arts of Minzu University of China, director of the Committee of Ethnic Fine Arts of the China Artists Association; and member of the China Artists Association council.

The painting depicts the scene of a Tibetan couple going to the market together. Passing through a flock of sheep while chatting cheerfully, the couple in the painting reflects the well-being of the Tibetan people with their sweet smiles and light moves. The artist focuses on employing refined lines and Jiaomo [traditional Chinese dry brush and dense black ink paintings],  to create the sharp contrast between black and white. In terms of the background, people’s skin tones and their clothing, the artist expresses them, with innovative boldness, in a surface-like manner. This creates the illusion of intense sunlight and delivers audiences with a shocking visual experience.

Family Series No.7

Chinese painting / 180cm×96cm / 2016

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