Zhang Jiang

Zhang Jiang

Zhang Jiang, born in 1965 in Cheng’an, Hebei province. Currently vice secretary-general of the Artistic Committee of the
National Art Museum of China; professional painter at the State Ethnic Academy of Painting; and member of the China Artists

Combining painting and pasting, this work aims to demonstrate the polluted situation of the ecosystem with reference to its existing problems: climatic anomaly, vegetation deterioration and desertification. In the picture, the long and tangled grass is scattered on a snowfield. Though dry and thin, it exhibits strong vitality with an unyielding spirit. The work tries to tell people that, as a life form, grass is equal to human beings, because it is also part of nature. Titled Voice of Nature, it reflects the artist»s high regard towards grass and his concern about nature.

Voice of Nature

lacquer painting / 200cm×200cm / 2009

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