Zhang Shunqing

Zhang Shunqing

Zhang Shunqing was born in 1937 in Yangquan , Shanxi Province. Currently a professor at the School of Fine Arts of Shanxi University, member of Shanxi Artists Association council; and member of the China Artists Association.

On the vast grasslands of the northern Tibetan region, every year during festival season, the Tibetan people always hold a series of activities imbued with unique Tibetan characteristics. Among them, yak racing is the one not to be missed. During the race, experienced oxherds ride irritable yaks, pushing the fervent atmosphere to its climax. The artist uses the techniques of hop-knife and stipple engraving and colors his work on both sides to emphasize the texture of the wood and its decorative beauty. It is an apt manifestation of the strength and dauntlessness of the Tibetan people.

Yak Race

monographic xylograph / 180cm×122cm / 2009

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