Zhao Ti

Zhao Ti

Zhao Ti, female, born in 1983 in Youyi, Heilongjiang province. Currently lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Jia Mu Si University; and member of the Heilongjiang Artists Association.

The yellowish-brown background stands for the sandstorm-stricken sky. In the spring, the cornstalks have come out of the ice. These should have been the symbol of life and harvest, but against the howling sand storm, they are chopped off by half. The work takes advantages of the formality of multi-colored woodcuts, and uses bright and full colors to present the shocking scene. It reveals the devastating situation of the environment and the danger people face in front of a collapsing nature. Criticizing the contemptible deeds which destroys nature, the work is a sigh for the helplessness of life.


multi-colored woodcut / 58cm×90cm / 2009

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