Zhu Jianhui

Zhu Jianhui

Zhu Jianhui, born in 1963 in Qidong, Jiangsu province. Currently dean of the Qidong Print Painting Academy; vice secretary of the Jiangsu Artists Association Print Artistic Committee; and member of the China Artists Association.

This work contains rich metaphor. The artist has carefully portrayed every knot in the block, which altogether form a neat square web. In a sense, it symbolizes people’s connection and state of existence in the current society. Yet in the middle of the web is a conspicuous hole, which breaks the boundaries between knots as well as the status quo. From this work, we can feel the smothering anxiety that permeates in people’s life in the current society.

State of Existence I

woodcut picture / 75cm×90cm / 2006

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