Zhu Mei


Zhu Mei, female, born in 1965 in Suzhou, Anhui province. Currently vice-dean of the Art School of East China Normal University; vice chairwoman of the Suzhou Artists Association; and member of the China Artists Association.

Zhou Baiwen


Zhou Baiwen, born in 1952 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Currently professional painter; member of the Liaoning Artists Association.

While sticking to the use of Chinese line drawing and preserving Chinese poetic culture, the artists boldly absorb and borrow Western painting elements such as light and shadows. The audience could see a precise and realistic depiction of image, use of bright colors and an exquisite portrayal of feathers. In terms of the composition of the painting, there is the arrangement of a big scene, while the three-dimensional space and elements of color all contribute to a world of birds and flowers on a piece of paper. The painting arouses people’s awe at the nature, and visions of health, civilization and development.

Autumn View Preserved in the Painting

Chinese painting / 180cm×190cm / 2014

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